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What’s been going on?

What’s been going on at Bushfield School?

So much, we barely have time to tell you!! Here’re the headlines…

Fairtrade Fortnight (22 Feb- 7 March)

The children at Bushfield have been learning about Fairtrade week as part of our whole school assembly. The staff at the school have pledged to drink only Fairtrade tea and coffee in the run up to Easter. The children have been asked to swap something they would normally buy for a Fairtrade alternative, showing our support for the developing world producers. The children will also have the opportunity to buy fruit from ‘Fairtrade Friday Fruit Stop’ on Friday 12th March, when all the fruit being sold will be Fairtrade.

Athletics Squad

The Bushfield athletics squad have tried out to represent the Radcliffe cluster (five local schools) in the Milton Keynes Athletic event later in the year.  Of the 16 children selected to represent our area, 10 of them were Bushfield children: a testament of the hard work and dedication of the children and the sports team at Bushfield.

Year 5 visit to religious buildings in Wolverton

On Thursday the 4th February the children in Year 5 left the school to find out more information about religions in our local community as part of their RE lessons.  The children visited the Wolverton Evangelical Church, St Francis de Sale Catholic Church, St Georges Church and the Wolverton Mosque.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the day; exploring the buildings and listening to the inspiring faith leaders inform the children about their faith. The day was very successful with the children’s exemplary behaviour being noted by all the people they met.

Hockey Tournament

The Year 5/6 hockey tournament has now started and will continue for the next three weeks on Thursdays after school, we wish all the children well and were impressed by the effort put in by all during the first day.  We will hopefully have some match reports to share with you soon.

Bushfield Vs Stanton

Bushfield Vs Stanton: Match Report

By Jack W

Bushfield starting line up:

Goalie: Jamie

Defence: James and Dominic

Midfield: Kit, Elijah and Jack W

Striker: Daniel B

Subs: Joshua C, Dan W and David T

Kick off. Stanton take centre and start the play.  They send a long ball down the centre of the pitch which is then collected.  The play stretches across the pitch to a winger.  He takes a shot but it goes across the face of the goal and there is no one in the box to take a chance.  Mr Hill asks the Stanton manager how many players he has on the pitch.  Apparently he thought it was 9 a-side but Mr Hill was playing 7 so then he put on his three subs.

It’s a Bushfield goal kick.  Jamie boots the ball down the left wing.  It is quickly intercepted and goes out of play.  Jack takes the throw on down the line.  The ball is crossed in and… GOAL! We didn’t catch the scorer but hold on; Mr Hill was playing 10 a-side! Unfortunately the goal has to be cancelled because Mr Hill can’t count (that is what he said) and was playing an extra man during the goal! Then Dan W had to come off.  Play starts again at the throwing.  This time Stanton clears the ball down to the Bushfield half.

The Stanton right winger or right back passes the ball down the line to the striker.  He weaves in and out of James, Josh and Dom and then neatly finishes into the back of the net. 1-0 Stanton.

Bushfield break on the counter attack and Elijah runs down the right wing.  He is shut down by the right corner flag with no space to run into.  Stanton stick a leg in and it’s a Bushfield corner.  Elijah takes it low and hard. One of the Stanton defenders miss-kicks the ball and it goes straight above his head.  Kit rises high and volleys the ball whiskers away from the goal.  The Stanton goalkeeper takes his goal kick to the striker who is in no space.  He lays it back for his team mate who blasts the ball in the top corner out of Jamie’s reach. 2-0 Stanton.

Jack has the ball on the wing.  He chips it over the Stanton defence. Dan is through on goal but the goalie was there to make the challenge. Jack is on the wing again. He chips the ball over the defence but it was out of reach for Dan to get a shot in.

Finally, Bushfield grab a goal back. Dan just slots it home for Bushfield. 2-1.

Stanton has the ball once again, steadily moving towards goal. Their striker is in and out of the defence again to score one more. 3-1.

It is now half time. The managers and players have their team talks and then start the second half.

Stanton passes down the line to the winger who then crosses the ball into the box.  It is deflected away but is then smashed on the volley and hits the crossbar.  Afterwards the Stanton striker cuts into the box, has a shot but hits the crossbar once more.

Dan W has the ball.  He gives a nice ball through the defence to Dan B. He gets the ball, knocks it round the goal keeper, chases it and finishes in the net. 3-2.

Stanton then make another promising attack.  The ball is in the box in a flash and is then scored. 4-2.

Jack runs down the wing with the ball.  He passes to David and then receives it back.  He looks up and the goal is wide open! The keeper was in completely the wrong position! He just has a simple shot in the open net. 4-3.

The Stanton striker is on fire and again is dazzling the defence.  His trickery beats the defenders once more to score. 5-3.

It’s a Bushfield corner; there is only a few minutes remaining.  Jack crosses it in.  A shot was made in the area.  Both teams are scrambling to get the ball in the net or clear it.  Bushfield are having shot after shot but still can’t find the net.  Eventually the ball is cleared and Stanton are on the break.  They look menacing on it, and they are.  Another goal is scored bringing the score to 6-3.  We are into the last minute but no chances are created.

The final whistle blows with the final score being Stanton 6, Bushfield 3.

Basketball team

Bushfield Basketball Team

Last week the children took part in a basketball tournament, here is their account of what happened:

It was a great experience for the whole of the Bushfield basketball team.  We started with a friendly game against Two Mile Ash, which resulted in an 18-18 draw. That match gave us a little practise for the tournament.  In the main tournament we faced many good teams from other schools such as Emerson Valley, who beat us 18-4.  We won three games and came 5th out of the 55 schools, which we were really proud of.

We also met the MK Lions which lifted our spirits even more.  We really enjoyed the experience and hope to play more games.

Ebony and Jamil

Football success

This is the first year of our development team, which allows children who are still improving their football skills to represent the school in a competitive setting.  Our development team attended a friendly festival at Stanton School where they went on to take first place!