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Assessing our Learning Power

At Bushfield we learn not just reading, writing, maths, science, ICT, history, geography, art, dance, PE and all the other subjects . . . All schools do that of course. But here’s a thought — maybe a school should also teach you how to learn?! In our Value Rings, we say Be a skilful learner, and so we learn about strengthening our Learning Muscles which we can flex in everything we do at school, but also at home and anywhere in fact.

Some people call them 21st Century skills [google that!], which help us learn and adapt for our whole lives. When you add all your learning muscles up, you have Learning Power. We’ve used the Building Learning Power approach to  kickstart this over the last few years. Professor Guy Claxton is one of the original education researchers who designed  Learning Power. Here he is talking about it:

Now we’re deepening this approach, by introducing a computer-based tool called ELLI that helps us assess each individual learner’s Learning Power (and that’s staff as well as pupils). Here’s Dr Ruth Deakin Crick, another of the original Learning Power team, introducing ELLI:

The learner does a web quiz, which asks them to think about their learning — here are three of the questions:

…which generates a picture showing how you see yourself as a learner, which has proven to be very powerful for helping learners of all abilities:

Personal ELLI profile showing your ‘Learning Power’

A class’s collective Learning Power profile

Finally, here’s a video of Tim Small who was training our team this week, explaining ELLI’s impact on pupils, the school staff and leadership.