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Bushfield School Art Exhibition

On Wednesday 30th May 2012, children staff and parents were invited to meet in the school hall to view the art produced by the children following their work on and concern about “World Hunger and Poverty”.  The feeling and emotions displayed in the artwork and explanation of how the art came about was exemplary.  I can honestly say that reading some of the explanations and descriptions of the art, that it brought a lump to my throat.  The care and concern for others displayed by the children was very emotional, but also showed how much they cared and how much they had learnt from their work on the topic.  Please view the Photostream to the right below if you missed the opportunity to attend the event.

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MK Dance Off team in action!

Check it out! Thanks Mr Hill for your awesome coaching, and well done dancers for fabulous, expressive performances 🙂

At the famous Stables Theatre, Wavendon…

Dance Exchange

Dance Exchange at the Theatre

Here is an account from Safia and Yasmina of their trip to Milton Keynes Theatre with the Bushfield Dance Exchange team:

After weeks of practise, we finally arrived at Milton Keynes Theatre on Wednesday 20th January.  We put on our outfits and entered the stage for a dress rehearsal.  We were all very exited, yet nervous, as the music started.  After two practises, we gathered our belongings and went back to school.

Later on, we returned to the theatre.  After watching the first half, we were called to our dressing rooms.  We had a dressing table, and there were even lights around the mirrors! We made our finishing touches and watched the act before us on the TV screen.  Standing on the stage wing waiting, we were all very nervous.  The curtains closed and we crept into position as the presenter introduced us we heard, “Bushfield School” followed by a loud cheer.  The curtains were pulled back and we performed.

We got a massive applause as we skipped off the stage.  A while after our performance, there was a big finale where all of the children who took part went back on stage and waved at the crowd.  We had a really memorable experience and want to do it again, we loved Dance Exchange 2010!

Safia and Yasmina


Pantomime at Bushfield

Today the pupils and staff at Bushfield all saw the pantomime of Beauty and the Beast.  The performance took place in the afternoon in the school hall.  The story had been updated and included many modern songs that the children knew.  The cast were superb and really got the audience participating, including Mrs Stock who enjoyed a full dance with one of the main characters, much to the amusement of the children!  The children really enjoyed the afternoon and were raving about the performance all the way out to the gates at the end of the day.

Bushfield Dance Success

Bushfield dance group came 2nd in the Milton Keynes Dance exchange competing against 9 other primary schools.

Big thanks to Mr Hill and everyone involved.