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Year 3 Chicks

To see what the chicks are doing in Year 3 from our web cam please use the link below.



Here is a recount from Courtney about going with a group of children to collect the new school chickens.

First we met a man called Dave so he could tell us about the chickens and we could have a look at them. There was a turkey, when the bottom of its neck goes red that means it is showing off, and when it’s white it is not showing off.  There was also a female turkey, it went “Gobble, gobble,” it was talking to us!

There were different coloured chickens like black, yellow, white, grey, multicoloured and brown. Then we collected the two chickens we were keeping and we came back to school.  All of us got an egg each while we were there!

Tye helping to collect the eggs

Our chickens are different colours, one is white, and the other is brown. The man told us they were Silkies. We have a rota to feed and give water to the chickens. We’re really looking forward to looking after them, and getting the first egg!


Our new chickens!