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Governors news

Here’s an update from Bushfield’s governors on some of the things we were discussing at our last meeting in July. (Every meeting we’ll pick a few things, so you know what we’re up to!)

Miss Curtis has her last planning meeting with us

July was of course when the whole school said goodbye to Miss Curtis as Headteacher. Since school governors work closely with the Headteacher, and see how hard she works, we really wanted to say a big Thank You to her, just like all the pupils, teachers and parents did in so many brilliant ways. So at the end we gave her a surprise special present, with some very strange objects…


…and hoped that she wouldn’t miss us all too much in her new school, where she will meet a whole new team of governors!

Early signs of good SATs results

As you probably know, every May, Year 6 does special reading, writing and maths tests called SATs, so in July we heard from Miss Curtis some early clues about how they had gone. The answer is really well overall. We don’t have the final results yet, but it looks like Bushfield pupils do better on average than other pupils in the country, so really well done everyone, teachers and pupils!

Authentic Inquiry Projects

All Bushfield pupils learn about their ‘learning muscles‘ right from Year 3. This helps them remember that they can get better at learning anywhere, anytime! We’ve been testing some more exciting learning tools developed by scientists at Bristol University. Our Year 5 and 6 have tested ELLI (which stands for the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory) which is a web-questionnaire for staff and pupils to assess their ‘Learning Power’. ELLI creates a visual spidergram, showing how a pupil sees him/herself, which they discuss with their teacher, and try to improve. Here’s an example:


Example ELLI spidergram

ELLI is part of a whole new way of learning called Authentic Inquiry, where pupils are given much more choice about what topic to learn about. The teachers can’t be expert in every subject of course, but they help the pupils investigate it. At Bushfield we have branded this AIP (Authentic Inquiry Projects). At the end of each day, pupils write a diary entry reflecting on how their investigation has gone, in a kind of ‘learning journal’, which is actually a blogging tool called EnquiryBlogger, built at the Open University. A blog is a social media tool, which means that teachers and pupils can read each other’s blog stories, and comment on them. EnquiryBlogger shows the seven ELLI animals who help pupils remember the different ways of becoming better learners, so pupils can think about which aspects of their learning power they feel they’ve been working on.

EnquiryBlogger example

EnquiryBlogger example

While Yr6 started this in 2012, this year was the first time Yr5 have tried it, and they chose which aspect of a Fashion Show they wanted to help create. This was staged in the summer term and the whole process was hugely creative ‚Äď see some of the blog posts from July!

So, the governors were hearing about how this experiment had gone, and will be doing their own investigation into its impact and how to do it even better next time. Thanks to all the staff and many parents who helped with AIP ūüôā

Authentic Inquiry final products

The children display the results of their chosen enquiry.  The smiling faces say what a success the whole process has been,  A lot of creativity was displayed by the children in reaching their desired outcomes.  Children had produced footballs, cricket bats, cricket pitches, Golf manuals, Bracelets, Stamps, medals, models, websites, films, some had even written music and recorded their track, to name but a few.  This was a wonderful opportunity given to the children of Bushfield, but lets not forget that none of this would have been possible without the full support of the staff.  Full congratulations has to go to the Bushfield staff,  for their commitment and perseverance to the little known project and how they guided the children throughout to achieve their aim.  All final photos can be seen on Photostream below to the right.

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Authentic Inquiry-based Learning

With the support of the staff pupils researched their chosen topic.  All the staff were admirable throughout this process, getting involved and encouraging the students with their chosen topic, even when they knew very little themselves about some of the topics chosen.  The second part of the project was the making stage and students were all making something that would reflect their enquiry into their chosen topic.

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