year 5 fashion show, tomorrow!

As you may know, tomorrow, wednesday 3rd July, is our year 5 fashion show. It is getting exiting! I’ve had lots of ticket orders from all over the school, so now we have less than TEN tickets left, so you better hurry if you want these tickets! The models are practising going down the catwalk right now, as i’m typing! (They are in the hall, i’m in the office, so I can hear quite loudly) Everyone in year 5 are ultra exited and doing last preparations for tomorrow, the VERY last minuet jobs will be done tomorrow morning; we have games in the afternoon so we have to get as much as we can done today.
By Asha G (year 5, tickets and advertising)


Year 5 fashion project is going great! We’ve had a professional DJ and graffiti artist to help us, but its the children that are really in charge. The film and photography team have been, well, filming and photographing pretty much EVERYTHING!!!And remember, the show is    WEDNESDAY 3RD JULY.If you have not allready bought tickets, you should!The 6;30 show has SOLD OUT and only about half of the 5:00 tickets remain, so hurry!                Image

Year 5 fashion project!!!

Logo 1In year 5 we have been working on the fashion project non stop.It is only day three but we have done and learnt  A LOT! Set design have working hard and have all ready started painting the back drop, the shop team are going to mac Donalds to learn about how to set out the things they are selling so they can arrange them better.The logo has also been designed but not finalised so it’s pretty much done but we might make some changes because yesterday I photocopied the logo in colour and black and white three times and then stuck them on large pieces of paper and put one of them in each year five classroom (willow, beech and maple) with some post-it notes and told people to comment and give feedback. I got loads!!! here’s two comments: I think it’s a great design I like that  it’s funky and I think that it goes well in  and black . And also:I really like it, however you could make the black and white one a bit clearer. There are lots more so I could not write them all down but I have read them all at least twice!I defenetly think the ELLI animal that has been used the most in the past three days is the tortoise (resilience) because there has been loads of difficult tasks for everyone!

Bushfield make music at the Apple Store

Following their work with Garage  Band on the Ipads in school, a group of year 4 children visited the Apple Store in Milton Keynes for a field visit.    On arrival in the store the friendly staff sat them down with Ipads .  They were then isued with a t-shirt each, a wrist band  which was also a usb memory  stick, and a set of earphones.

IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0290