Bushfield Pupils make the finals of the Kodu Cup

Kodu competition- Friday 5th July 2013!!!
After lots of back-breaking labour and preparation, we finally arrived at the centre building at Microsoft HQ in Reading (1 ½ hour drive!) There were five buildings for Xboxes, software and other things but we were in the meeting building. When we got in we had our picture taken next to the golden (cardboard) Kodu and we were greeted with delicious milkshakes upstairs! There was a small bar with plates and jugs of interesting things to put in them like chocolate and even skittles! Next we went outside to practise our words and get our picture taken. We had a picture with the boys but as Nikki (?) wants to get more girls into programming, she took a picture of just the female competitors.

Eventually we were introduced into the main presentation room and we received a Microsoft bag, a Kodu information book, sweets, a notepad and a limited edition Kodu USB stick! We were shown the lovely prizes up for grabs:

An Xbox and a beautiful trophy!

We were then told when we would do our presentation and we were third… or so we thought. We were moved up to second for unknown reasons but we didn’t mind. When we were done we waited for lunch!
Everything there was absolutely delectable! We had mini beef burgers, vegetables, bacon, pasta, chips and so much more. There were even sweet lollipops and fruit kebabs! This was one of my favorite parts of the day. Eventually, we went back in for the second half of the presentations. At this point we learned a bit about the judges and about Nikki’s Geeky Barbie. After all of the interesting performances, we were taken to the gardens outside where we sat down and played a game and talked about the day so far.
We couldn’t wait until we got the results. I think even though we didn’t win, we enjoyed every part of the day and I’m quite pleased that those people did win, they did exceptionally well!



-Maddy   Bethany and Sam


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