Digital Leaders Assembly

On 19th of November, Monday the digital leaders preformed their assembly. At first it started off with Mr. Weston introducing the digital leaders to the whole school. With digital pictures and lots of explanations the digital leaders taught us how I.C.T is fun and good for learning e.g.

  •  If you don’t know how to spell a word you could use the word document (it really helps)
  • You can copy and paste all the good info that you find
  • You can save time by typing, you don’t have to use all the curves of letters and you can use different fonts
  • And most of all its easy to create

The digital leaders then they went through they’re presentation (power point) it was quite awesome they also had videos

Digital Leaders Assembly PowerPoint



2 responses to “Digital Leaders Assembly

  1. Well done! You made myself and Mrs Clark proud. You worked really hard producing the PowerPoint and delivered it with confidence and conviction. You truly demonstrated everything we were looking for when we set up the Digital Leaders club.

    I’m looking forward to the next assembly you lead already!

  2. cool it was good when i saw it well done 2 neda,maddy,shifa and bethany also mrs clack who taught them how to use some tech on the computers.wlldne

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