Children in need/Pudsey day!

On Friday (16th November) we had our Children in need day. In school council they had a debate about what should be the theme.  Many people dressed up in outfits with this chosen subject: someone who inspires us. As this this topic is vast it was very hard to choose who to go as. Some people went as multiple different people from members of their family to famous celebrities. Everyone paid one pound to come dressed up and had to bring a reason to explain why they had gone as their selected person.

            At break time cakes and key rings were sold and we raised a gigantic £711.56 and this money is now going to the Children in need charity. The whole school enjoyed the delicious cakes and they certainly disappeared fast! At the front, next to the tables, were massive waves of crowds trying to get the one that they wanted. Many children were seen with plates full of treats to gorge later on. A large thanks to everyone who donated cakes, they were all delicious as I’m sure everyone can agree!

            When the day had finally ended, we all went to assembly to find Mr. Springett  Mc hugh who was talking to us about who inspired him. Later on we heard about who the teachers went as (which included some very interesting facts and information).  After we heard this we got ready to find out who had won each competition: we were all very excited! We saw a multitude of different costumes including: family members who are nice or who help you often; famous singers because of their ability and their style of music; people who do charity work and many others!

After the costume competition we had the cake competition winners. Each cake that was brought in for the sale was sold apart from the three cakes that were the winners. Everyone who won had the choice to cut up and share the cake with their friends or take it home and eat it. In Rowan class there were two winners so one cake went to the class while (because the other winner had a sibling in another class) went to another.

All the winners won a London 2012 Olympics bag and one head teacher’s award (which is equal to five merits). We had fun finding out each other’s outfit themes and enjoyed the delicious cake. A big thanks to EVERYONE who donated to this wonderful cause!



5 responses to “Children in need/Pudsey day!

  1. that looks really good

  2. I go to that school. However i dressed up and brought some delicious cake-yum! 🙂

  3. the boy wearing the camo hat is awsom

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