Discovery centre

Discovery centre

A while back we went to a place called the Discovery Centre were we did a range of fun activities and learned more about science around us. We were taken on a guided tour around the different events and were shown some interesting demonstrations.   The day included a range of varied explanations about interesting topics.

 One of our favourite activities was finding out about the many jobs that bees have in our world and how important they are to us humans. They have many roles including: Collecting nectar, making honey, and one of the amazing things we learned was that some bees are trained cheaply to sniff out bombs!  Also we found out that the male bees are very lazy compared to the females! Later we got to hold some worms and discovered what times worms come out onto the ground; usually early in the morning. 

At one point we got to watch some fire fighters talk to us about one of the most common fire hazards you can have – a kitchen fire.


They explained to us about how if you put even the tiniest bit of water on a chip pan fire it can created an enormous burst of sparks and engulf your kitchen! Also some children saw two people talking about their job going to the rescue of others in their ambulance. They taught us lots of different things if someone has an accident .

At one point we also learned about acids and alkalines :  

They showed us how to reduce a bee or wasp sting. Because a bee sting is an acid, if you put an alkaline onto it it will make it neutral (like water). Though if you have a wasp sting wich is an alkaline, you should put a acid onto it to make it neutral. This is a picture of a PH scale wich tells us weather a liquid is a acid or alkaline by looking at its colour:

It was extremely interesting and packed full of brand new information for us.

It was a fun day packed with exciting learning and new knowledge to be shared with everyone else.   Even though we didn’t get to see all of the demonstrations it was an enjoyable day! We all hope that next year the children will find it as amazing as we did.


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