Rowan Class Assembly

In Bushfield School we have class assemblies to show what classes have been doing, we also put in lots of effort practicing for our assemblies. Not so long ago there was Rowan class assembly; they showed everyone how it would feel to be in the war. Some people were reading out there newspaper reports and some people read out they’re flashback stories and they performed 2 dances one: read all about it two: the jive! They also practiced really hard, some people stayed in at lunch time practicing the jive and they performed it really well! A huge well done!!


6 responses to “Rowan Class Assembly

  1. The class assembely was amazing and outstanding.

  2. the assembely was fantastic

  3. hi loved your class asembly (im mini shifa)
    have you written about norfuk yet because im a yr4 and people like me might check this website for info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks to evryone in bushfield

  5. I really liked the triple jump and long jump today mr hill and mr fry asked us what we done and some people said football and things like that but because we were in groups it was hard to understand and thanks mr hill mr Pearson and mr Shirley and miss Forbes and mr dewick your
    Lauren Louise ward smith

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