R.A.F Museum Yr 6


R.A.F Museum in Year 6

A few weeks ago, year 6 went on an exciting trip to the R.A.F museum which linked to their topic of World War Two. Many people dressed up in lots of unique outfits, including land girls, evacuees and even a soldier and a nurse! We saw many interesting videos, pictures and diagrams, all explaining different things including: planes and when they were first made; why the planes were made in a certain way and about what the pictures on the sides of the planes mean. In our groups we toured around the rooms and observed all the history that surrounded us! During the trip we saw life-size bombers, spitfires and some others. After our first tour of some planes we went into a small room and were shown how to make some gas mask boxes,  next we were issued with identity cards to put in them.  At one point we learned what an incendiary bomb was! When the boxes had finally dried, we sat down with an air raid warden who told us an exciting story about when he was on patrol. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the story, an air raid siren went off and we had to get into a pretend Anderson shelter ( which had benches to sit on, flashing lights and even some bombing sounds to make it feel real! ).

At one point we tried on some real R.A.F uniforms:

Lastly, we went to another building, (which wasn’t attached to the main museum) the Battle of Britain museum. We enjoyed looking at the different displays, showing houses that had been bombed and even a mysterious talking model! To conclude the day we went to see the exciting Battle of Britain Our finest hour show.

I’m sure most of us who went to the R.A.F museum truly enjoyed it as a very informative trip! All of us in year 6 hope that next year the children will find this trip just as amazing as we did!


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  1. wow nice picture! 🙂

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