Bushfield on the leading edge of learning

Bushfield School, Wolverton, is one of the most advanced schools in the country in its use of a radical new approach to learning for the 21st Century — say educational experts who’ve visited hundreds of schools and trained thousands of teachers in “Building Learning Power”, which is a core part of Bushfield’s approach to learning.

Internationally leading Professor of Learning Sciences, Guy Claxton, visited Bushfield this week to see for himself how the school has been teaching pupils to “learn how to learn”. This gives them a new language to talk about being skilful learners in all aspects of life, not just in school. Children talk naturally about building “learning muscles” like managing distractions, collaborating, and questioning — just what they’ll need to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Prof. Guy ClaxtonProf. Claxton’s visit followed a colleague’s review of the school who reported that she’d never seen such rapid, effective adoption of the approach.

After observing lessons and meeting with staff and pupils, Prof. Claxton commented,

“I saw 7 and 10 year olds collaborating and talking about their learning in ways that would have defeated many Cambridge undergraduates. I was thrilled to see what Andrea and her team have been able to achieve, when you coach children in the right way – and trust them to take more responsibility for their learning. Fantastic!”

Guy Claxton visiting Bushfield School

Bushfield Year 3 pupils in Mrs Truan’s class, working in pairs during Prof. Guy Claxton’s visit


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